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27th July 2020

Peel L&P to advance St Helens employment scheme to secure future investment and jobs

Peel L&P has announced plans to advance its planning application for a major employment park and infrastructure investment at Haydock Point to avoid St Helens losing out on millions of pounds in investment.

Peel L&P is seeking to have its current application for Haydock Point heard at a Public Inquiry alongside other schemes whilst also resubmitting a second application for the proposals to St Helens Council.

The company, working with logistics developer PLP, submitted a planning application for the new manufacturing and logistics development in 2017.  Following feedback from highways authorities, an additional £10 million plan for significant improvement works to Junction 23 of the M6 has been proposed as part of the development. The multi-million-pound investment into the highway network would complement the delivery of the new employment scheme by reducing waiting times and improving safety for local businesses and residents at the junction. It would also help facilitate a future wider improvement to the junction which St Helens Council and Highways England are seeking to bring forward.

The application has not yet been determined by St Helens Borough Council.

Following the Secretary of State’s unexpected decision in May to ‘call-in’ other logistics and distribution employment schemes in Wigan, Bolton and St Helens, Peel L&P needs to ensure that the decision on Haydock Point should now be taken alongside those schemes.  

Peel L&P will therefore appeal its Haydock Point plans on the grounds of non-determination and seek to have the appeal heard at the same conjoined inquiry with the neighbouring logistics schemes so that all can be considered together by the same inspector.

Peel L&P remains committed to working with St Helens Council for a local decision if possible. Against this background, a duplicate planning application will therefore be submitted shortly.

The proposals for Haydock Point Employment Park will be worth £159 million each year to the economy annually, in addition to the £10 million plus investment for improving the highway network around Junction 23 of the M6. Once fully built, the development is expected to deliver in the region of 2,500 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) jobs, a wide range of training and apprenticeship opportunities and £3.5 million Business Rates per annum, of which £1.75 m would be retained in St Helens under current retention levels.

Richard Knight, Director of Land and Communities at Peel L&P said: “Our proposals for new manufacturing and logistics at Haydock Point and associated highway improvement works on the network around Junction 23 will facilitate a major economic development that will support a wide range of jobs for local people and help secure supply chains for essential goods throughout St Helens and the wider region.

“However, at a time of economic uncertainty, we need to be accelerating the delivery of these jobs and multi-million-pound investment. The decision to call-in several logistic schemes has meant we have had to reconsider our options and, following legal advice, we have concluded that there is no alternative but to appeal for non-determination and resubmit a fresh application.  

“Our absolute preference would be for our proposals to be determined locally by St Helens Council, as we strongly believe that this is the best way to ensure that the scheme for Haydock Point meets the employment aspirations of local people and delivers maximum benefits to St Helens. As such, we’ll continue to engage with officers and hope the plans can be considered locally in due course.”

Neil Dickinson, Chief Investment Officer of PLP added: “We are seeing unprecedented levels of demand in the region from occupiers who are keen to secure new employment facilities. Despite the changing planning circumstances, PLP remain committed to bring forward the Haydock Point development as soon as possible. The first phase is likely to be speculatively developed to enable us to respond quickly to these occupier requirements.”

“These buildings will be designed to achieve Carbon Net Zero Ready accreditation, a policy we are already rolling out elsewhere in the UK which demonstrates our commitment to deliver real environmental and sustainability benefits from this type of development.”     


2nd June 2020

Proposals announced for upgrade to Junction 23 of the M6 near Haydock

New information has been announced about a £10 million plan to deliver a major improvement to Junction 23 of the M6 near Haydock, reducing waiting times, improving safety for local businesses and residents and underpinning economic growth.

In 2017, Peel L&P working with logistics developer PLP, submitted a planning application to St Helens Council for a new manufacturing and logistics development on land at Haydock Point, beside Junction 23.

Located where the M6 meets the A580 East Lancashire Road and the A49 Lodge Lane, the junction is known locally for being busy at peak times and has been the subject of campaigns by local people concerned about safety.

Peel L&P has always envisaged that improvements to the junction would be a key part of its Haydock Point proposals and the company has been working with the Council and local partners to find the best possible solution.

As part of the Haydock Point development, the northern arm of the A49 Lodge Lane would be re-routed through the Haydock Point site to a new junction on the A580 East Lancashire Road. The development would also contribute to improvements to Junction 23 itself. In total, the proposals would deliver £10 million of privately funded investment into the highways network.

These improvements will:

  • Reduce journey times by improving the flow of traffic
  • Improve safety by updating signalling, signage and priority use of the junction
  • Underpin economic growth by supporting key sectors, keeping lorries moving smoothly and creating new jobs and investment for decades to come.

The improvements have been designed to fit into and support the delivery of a wider package of works identified by St Helens Council, working with Highways England and Wigan Council.

Richard Knight, Director of Land and Communities at Peel L&P said: “Our proposals for new manufacturing and logistics at Haydock Point are an opportunity to deliver £10 million of private investment into vital improvements at Junction 23. We understand that equipping the junction to handle traffic more efficiently and safely is essential for the future prosperity and wellbeing of this area. The improvements will also facilitate a major economic investment in St Helens.”

Neil Dickinson, Chief Investment Officer of PLP said: “Demand for new logistics buildings in the region is extremely strong and Haydock Point is ideally located to satisfy these requirements. PLP will deliver this scheme quickly, including a vastly improved layout to Junction 23, delivering significant benefits to local people and local businesses. Haydock Point will become the best logistics employment park in the North West”

Additional information about the improvements has now been submitted to the Council. People and businesses wishing to view and comment on the additional information should contact the Council directly.

More information about the project can be found online at www.haydockpoint.co.uk


Notes for Editors

It is anticipated that a wide range of social and economic benefits will arise from the development, which is expected to commence in 2021 and be completed within 5 years. During the construction phase, the following benefits are expected:

  • 250 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) construction jobs
  • Construction apprenticeship opportunities, for example electricians, mechanical engineers, construction management
  • Construction supply chain opportunities for local companies
  • £155 million construction value and worth £25 million to the economy (GVA)

Once fully built, the development is expected to deliver the following benefits:

  • In the region of 2,500 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) jobs*
  • Wide range of apprenticeship opportunities focused around the logistics and manufacturing sectors
  • £3.5 million Business Rates per annum, of which £1.75m would be retained in St Helens under current retention levels
  • Worth £159 million each year to the economy annually (GVA)

*precise estimate of 2,286 to 2,758 FTE jobs

(Source: Economic Statement, Turley, 2020)

Commitments to local employment and skills are set out within the Haydock Point Local Employment Strategy (Turley, 2020) and will be bound through a legal agreement.

Further information can be found at online at www.haydockpoint.co.uk.

Full details of the planning application can be found on the Council’s website.